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    RS Five Exterior Contractors

    RS Five provides exterior construction as well as roof repairs to minimize a property owner’s losses. RS Five is the best quality service provider in the Chicagoland area. We make sure our customers are well cared for and that the services we provide are the best in the industry.  


    Sean Fendley

    We went through RS Five and are very pleased with our new roof & gutters. The roof & gutters were fully paid for by insurance minus our deductible. Originally we were unsure if our roof/gutters had damage due to wind or hail and did not realize that if damage were due to these factors that insurance would pay for it. We had a preliminary in-person inspection of our home, followed by a drone inspection. Both of these inspections came back conclusive of hail/storm damage. We were instructed to file a claim through insurance, and schedule a day for the insurance adjuster & RS Five to inspect the roof damage together. After that inspection, Insurance gave an estimate to replace gutters/roof and RS Five continued to work with our Insurance provider to make sure we (the homeowner) were taken care of. They use the same drone and estimate calculator technology that the Insurance adjusters use. This means if RS Five believes there is claim worthy damage, there’s a good likelihood that they are correct. They used top of the line, lifetime warranty, GAF shingles on our roof. Before/After photos attached. We are very thankful!

    Sean Fendley


    The company RS five LLC is excellent and they have provided very professional service in installing the new roof with very high quality and upgraded materials with very low cost and I highly recommend Steve and Marty for your next project for completion in timely manner.


    Edwin Velez

    We had sprung a leak on our roof and contacted three roofers for estimates. Steve and Marty from RS Five LLC were the last to stop in and were the only ones who pointed out that the leak was actually due to hail damage. This was not apparent to me when I first looked at the roof shingles but Marty pointed out the clues and stated that it would more likely than not be covered by my home policy. I was a bit reluctant as I am not one to quickly file insurance claims but considering the cost of roofs these days, it made sense to see if my insurer would agree. Steve helped us initiate the claim and saw the process through from beginning to end including he and Marty accompanying the adjuster during the inspection. We were kept abreast as the claim process proceeded. All said and done, our insurer agreed and covered the cost of replacement entirely. The roof was replaced by a great crew who started at 8 AM and completed the work by 6 PM. They did a great job and left no evidence of having been there except for the fact the roof looks great. Steve and Marty were most professional and needless to say, we highly recommend RS Five LLC to family, friends and anyone having problems with their roof.

    Edwin Velez
    Emergency Services
    There can be many reasons for roof damage like hurricanes, storms, sturdy winds, or even falling trees. It’s a call of emergency even if there is a very little sign of visible damage. You cannot hold an umbrella over your house to stop natural causes. RS Five provides quick and efficient storm roof repairs, tarping, snow removal, water proofing. Our professional team of roofers is highly skilled at handling roofrelated Emergency Services in Evanston, IL. We make sure that your broken roof is rendered completely solid and leak-free. We reach you in the shortest possible time and provide emergency repair services.
    A roof is considered as first protecting sheet or line of defense of your home against every natural damage. You cannot compromise the quality when you need roof installation services, you need a local roofing contractor with the experience, knowledge, products and equipment to deliver highquality solutions quickly. If you are looking for Roof Installation Services in Evanston, IL, contact RS Five Exterior Contactors. We will provide you with the best professional service and will never disappoint you.
    Roof inspection services are essential to determine whether your roof continues to serve its purpose. You can also determine if you need to pay for repairs or replacements. Get your Roof Inspection Services in Evanston, IL with the highly trained roofing professionals by RS Five. We will inspect the condition of your roof, assess the damage, and perform repairs to get you watertight, returning later to install a longerterm solution if needed.

    Windows are much more than you think, they provide safety to your home. RS FIVE is committed to bringing you great windows at reasonable prices. We provide windows that are elegant and of very high-quality construction, more energy-efficient and easy to operate and maintain. Contact RS Five to Install worldclass windows for your home in Evanston, IL. For any kind of assistance, just give us a call.

    When you have so many options, you can be confused, but don’t worry Get a Virtual Quote for your roofing requirements in Evanston, IL and get your questions answered. We would be pleased to give you our recommendations and virtual quote and we are committed to good work. Let’s start with a quick consultation with RS Five and get in touch with us.