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How to maintain your roof in Spring

Spring has finally sprung in Chicago and the warmer days are here. It means, the home owners should start calling their roofing contractors to start the inspection. Here are some tips for the home owners on how to maintain your roof in spring.

1. Check on your Gutters – The first and foremost, remove all the debris, twigs and damp leaves surrounding the gutters. It may seem like a small task but its very crucial for your home. It might affect your roof if you don’t keep an eye on your gutters. The best solution would be to call your local roofing contractor to do an in-depth inspection.

2. Check on the roof – It’s very important to check on the damages on your roof. As we all know, Chicago weather is very unpredictable and can cause a lot of damage to your roof. The damages you can’t see from a distance, is when you need professionals to find flaws and fix it for you. Once you’re done removing all the debris and dirt from your roof, look for the signs of soft spots and dents. It’s always advisable to call a roofing professional. They know it more than anyone. It’s always better to get a professional help because they are professionals for a reason.

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3. Water damage – This one is comparatively easy to spot. Look for the leaks and cracks in the pipes, walls and gutters. Since it has been raining in Chicago, you should right away call your contractor so that the damage doesn’t occur further.

As you can see in the picture, this is a sign of water damage. So, you have to check the interior of your home and not just the exterior.
For a reputable roofing contractor, your best bet would be yours friends and neighbor’s referrals. Because that’s a first hand information. But, if you don’t know anyone. Start looking for roofing services in your area. The key to know if they are legitimate, check how many certifications do they have. Their social media pages and customer testimonials.
Remember – Precautions are always better!
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