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Homeowners can maximize their insurance benefits resulting from storm damage not limited to wind, rain, and hail by following a few simple steps:

1. Contact RS FIVE immediately to mitigate any further damages caused by an exterior breach. Our team of experts

Floods being the most common and widespread natural disasters that affects homeowners in more ways than one. As per the USGS reports, people have lost their home to floods over hurricane, tornadoes and lightnings. Flash floods are even more dangerous because they are more destructive and unpredictable. Not only they stay longer, they end up destroying everything in a house.

2. Itemized Estimates for All Work Performed

RS Five provides itemized estimates for the project. Estimates make it easy to grant claims and give you peace of mind to know there’ll be no hidden costs.

3. Accurate Insurance Claim Paperwork

Insurance companies require several forms to be filled out to collect on your insurance. RS FIve is experienced in dealing with this paperwork and can help you sort the paperwork and make sure that there are no oversights.

4. Make verifiable payments

Payments should be traceable. Insurance companies make claims easy to process when the payments are made with verified credit cards or check payments.

5. Savings on Materials and Other Costs

Minimizing the actual costs of your roof repair helps you make efficient use of your whole claim amount. That’s especially true when you have other repairs to do around the house. With years of experience, a roofing contractor develops strong relationships with vendors and uses bulk buying power to drive down materials costs. You save more money and have a more successful claim.

6. Finding Rebates and Other Incentives

In some cases, your roofing project can earn you tax credits or other incentives. These can help you rebuild after a storm and may even reduce the amount you need to claim from your insurer. A smaller claim is more likely to get approved without a hitch and you could avoid premium increases in the future.

7. We Communicate With Your Insurer as Required

When an insurance company wants to follow up on any claim that you have made, the insurance company may wish to follow up with the roofer. RS Five makes sure all the repairs are properly documented and we can communicate with your insurance firm if the need arises.Our team helps you take the guesswork out of getting your insurance claim and completing your roof repair project. Contact us today to get started with roofing contractors who are on your side every step of the way.To find out more or schedule a roof inspection, contact us today.