Sean Fendley

We went through RS Five and are very pleased with our new roof & gutters. The roof & gutters were fully paid for by insurance minus our deductible. Originally we were unsure if our roof/gutters had damage due to wind or hail and did not realize that if damage were due to these factors that insurance would pay for it. We had a preliminary in-person inspection of our home, followed by a drone inspection. Both of these inspections came back conclusive of hail/storm damage. We were instructed to file a claim through insurance, and schedule a day for the insurance adjuster & RS Five to inspect the roof damage together. After that inspection, Insurance gave an estimate to replace gutters/roof and RS Five continued to work with our Insurance provider to make sure we (the homeowner) were taken care of. They use the same drone and estimate calculator technology that the Insurance adjusters use. This means if RS Five believes there is claim worthy damage, there’s a good likelihood that they are correct. They used top of the line, lifetime warranty, GAF shingles on our roof. Before/After photos attached. We are very thankful!