Storm Damage Roof Repair
Here in the Midwest, we are prone to several severe storms every year. These storms often include wind-driven rain, and winds exceeding 50 miles per hour. Hail the size of quarters or larger and snow with damming ice. Storm damage is often overlooked until a leak develops, materials rot or something flies away. Insurance companies understand this and have rules to limit when and why an insurance claim can be filed. In most cases, the time limit to file is just one year and covers only sudden damage. If regular inspections aren’t performed, materials rot, time clicks by and you’re usually out of luck!

These types of claims are what is known as no-fault insurance claims. It is against the law for your insurance company to raise your rates or cancel you in the middle of your term. You can’t hold an umbrella over the home to protect it. This is the reason you pay your premium. As a matter of fact, most insurance companies will not only pay for the new roof, they will discount the premium even if they pay for the new roof.
Having insurance is very interesting. When it comes time to file a claim it turns from a friendly relationship to an adversarial one. You expect everything to be replaced with new and the insurance company wants to pay the least they can.

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There are three types of insurance property adjusters. The first is the adjuster that works directly for the carrier, the second is the independent or commonly known as CAT (catastrophe) adjuster, and the third is a state-licensed public adjuster. The first two are paid by the insurance company. Make no mistake their loyalty resides with the insurance company. They are expected and trained to cover and pay the least amount possible to close the claim. The third, the public adjuster, works for you and on average finds 750% more recoverable damage than the insurance adjusters working on behalf of the insurance company. Our team includes public adjusters, ex-insurance adjusters, and agents. We take every necessary step to ensure that you have the best possible team in your corner.

Understanding insurance codes and policies can be complicated even for professionals. Trying to navigate a claim usually proves to be difficult at best. Most insurances accept what the adjuster offers them to be fair and that’s usually where it ends!
Although many roofing contractors say they work with insurance companies, they turn out to be storm chasers. I can say with confidence RS Five’s team of specialists are truly experts in the field. RS Five’s proprietary process and experienced team will approach every insurance claim scientifically. Starting from the inspection to restoring the property, it is imperative that no stone is left uncovered. We are a local, licensed contractor with the best warranties in the industry. Rest assured, we’ll be here long after storm chasers are gone!

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What you can expect. One of our HAAG-certified technicians will complete a forensic inspection of your property to determine if the damage is insurance claim worthy, a public adjuster will review your insurance policy to verify that you have the right coverages for the type of loss you’ve incurred. The public adjuster will file the insurance claim for you, one of our team will meet with the insurance adjusters to properly present the damages, and the public adjuster will discuss damages and coverages and work with the insurance company on an acceptable settlement for your loss. Our team of certified builders will complete the repairs required to restore the property to pre-loss condition, and submit supplements along with a certificate of completion. This will be submitted to the insurance company and the public adjuster will close the claim.